We are First American Signature Services, a division of First American Mortgage Solutions. We provide a nationwide database of independent notaries public, who have been accepted into our FASSNotary database to provide loan document signing services. Our service includes:
  • Appointment scheduling and confirmation
  • Signing completion tracking
  • Billing directly to the escrow file, or lender
  • Notary payment services

We require the following information to open a signing order:

  • Borrower's name and address (assuming the borrower(s) will be the signer(s))
  • Escrow or loan identification number
  • Anticipated signing location
  • Anticipated signing date

This information may be communicated to our scheduling team via phone, fax, or, by using our FASSNotary scheduling software to place an order. Utilizing our real-time link to WebTrack, we can also automatically retrieve all of this information. We will confirm the signing appointment with a notary within 90 minutes of receiving the order.

In today’s competitive marketplace, representation by a qualified, trained, professional notary is a must. That is why all of our notaries have successfully completed a comprehensive 5-step approval process prior to their first scheduled signing. We take great pride in our reliable, nationwide team of notaries. Once you experience the quality of our services, we know you will too.

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